The Next Big Social Selling Giant

Twitter is quickly morphing into the next up-and-coming sales tool. While the potential for selling via Twitter is essentially endless, the most efficient way to begin usage of this Social Media Site is as a complement to existing Sales Strategies, like Cold Calling and Cold Emailing. As the Sales environment is changing, Sales Representatives must be prepared to adapt to this change by learning the best possible methods to the utilization of Twitter to continue to develop new business.

Twitter is especially useful to Sales Representatives as a prospecting tool. In layman’s terms, an individual may use it to research information about competitors, prospective companies and potential contacts that the individual will either be selling to or against. Many professionals are currently using Twitter as an aspect of their Social Media Toolkit to expand their personal Brands. Receiving updates on prospective customers, companies and competitors is as simple as following their Twitter profile. Those prospects’ followers are also available for public consumption to be used to the advantage of Sales Representatives.

Twitter’s Direct Messaging function is especially useful for Sales Representatives. If they are able to portray themselves correctly, they may absolutely take advantage of this feature that creates a more personable sales environment. Many people regularly check their social media platforms on a daily, sometimes even hourly basis. With these odds, it’s more likely to have success for a very determined Salesperson.

Unlike Tweets, Direct Messages do not have a word limit. These messages on Twitter may even mirror those Cold Emails that Sales Representatives would be sending out. Once a Sales Representative has followed their prospective customer’s Twitter profile, they are able to send messages freely.

To lessen the anxiety of selling via Twitter, Sales Representatives that are new to this platform should concentrate on setting up their profile. Once complete, send Tweets. And lots of them. Build a following. Create a brand. After all of these initial steps which may take days, weeks, or months, then the Sales Representative may confidently begin to send messages. However without an established personal brand, those Representatives could lack the credibility to truly be successful on this up-and-coming selling platform.

An investment should be made into furthering education for Sales Representatives so they may have the best chance to achieve the highest success when using often under utilized social media platforms like Twitter.