Sales Prospecting 101

Prospecting is the number one way to increase sales and develop new business opportunities. This can be very challenging for Sales Professionals that lack the prior experience necessary for success. The following information will aid Salespeople in effectively managing and creating strategies for success.

The most obvious strategy for success involves picking out prospective customers that are worth your valuable time. Focus your search around companies that match your company’s business model. For example, if your company connects the most effectively with Startup Businesses, then those should be the focus of your search.

The next step includes smart research. Ensure that you know as much as possible about these potential customers prior to contacting them. This includes either making sure that those people are the Decision Makers, or that they have access to the Decision Makers. If you are unfamiliar with the Job Titles associated with Decision Makers, then you must prepare for researching that topic. Prospecting clients that lack the appropriate title will simply be a waste of time and resources.

LinkedIn is a great way to make sure you are researching Decision Makers, since Business Professionals are likely to have current information on their personal profiles.

Aside from LinkedIn, there are a plethora of free tools to assist with the prospecting process. Some tools include, InsideView, LeadFerret and Glassdoor. All of the tools listed above are free and will provide additional insights when researching prospective customers.

Google may also be utilized for effective research. When prospecting with Google, follow these simple steps to ensure that you find the most comprehensive information to aid you in your search.

Search for the following: 

* The prospective customer’s First and Last name

* Job Title

* Company of most recent employment

Utilizing a search engine will enable you to discover the prospective customer’s Internet presence and thus their contact information.

Possibly the most important part of the process is to be as organized as possible. Eliminate any and all distractions that will detract from your work performance. Organize your Web Browsers and eliminate the clutter (like perusing through various Newsfeeds). Keep only essential websites, like LinkedIn or open for reference.

These simple steps will aid any Sales Professional in prospecting at the highest level of success. These steps will lead to increased sales and development of new business opportunities.