Persistence is the Key to Sales Success

Persistence can be defined as “firm or obstinate continuance in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition.” On a personal level, persistence means pursuing goals regardless of how difficult a process may be or how difficult it may become.

As a Sales Professional, it is clear that persistence is the key to success. Reaching out to prospective clients can become a daunting process, especially when professionals are faced with persistent negative responses. A Sales Professional's persistence however, means to pursue cold calls and cold emails, even when faced with negativity from prospective clients. Sparking a conversation should be the ultimate goal, but it is up to the individual Sales Representative to determine which method works best for them.  

Many Sales Professionals struggle with the concept of persistence. How often should Professionals be reaching out to clients? Unless if a potential client tells a Sales Professional to cease the attempted contact, they should continue to pursue conversations with that prospective customer.  

When developing new business, each sales cycle tests a Sales Representative's patience and persistence. This is especially true when tested throughout longer sales cycles which may take months or even years to complete the prospective sale. In my sales career, I once even spent two years pursuing a prospective client who evolved into a valued customer. Occasionally, prospective clients will need contacts and reminders several times before they reply back or acknowledge the attempted contact.

Persistence remains the most effective way for Sales Professionals to develop new business. It exemplifies the dedication of the Sales Professional to both their prospective clients and their brand. Regardless of how frustrating a particular sales cycle may be, continued persistence and patience will be the magic ingredients to success. While the fear of the unknown may hold some back, it should be the driving force behind the persistence to turn a potential client into a valued customer.

Sales Professionals shouldn't struggle with wondering about the right kind of persistence in a sales cycle. Determined people never stop trying their best until they succeed at their goals.