LinkedIn has Changed the Art of Selling

LinkedIn has significantly transformed sales techniques for today's Sales Professionals. Engaging with prospective buyers by utilizing social media platforms is, in turn, paving the way for success for many salespeople. Both Inside Sales Representatives and Sales Development Representatives should avail themselves of LinkedIn's relatively simple, yet powerful platform which will enable them to not only connect with others, but identify more buyers than ever before.

Many Sales Professionals are struggling with the idea of utilizing social media tools for success in generating a new customer base. Specifically, selling with LinkedIn has recently become a hot topic, while there is still currently not that much knowledge. However, there are simple steps which can help to overcome any inconsistencies or problems and give individuals the ability to create a stellar personal brand along with the development of an InMail sales cadence.

Creating an easy-to-find profile will allow Sales Professionals to be found by prospective buyers and develop a successful personal brand. Creating a custom URL for a personal LinkedIn profile will enable prospective buyers to find individuals more efficiently than ever before. For example, an individual could change their LinkedIn URL from a generic combination of letters and numbers to a person's name –

Frequently sharing quality content about a person's company and products will also more easily enable customers to seek out Sales Professionals for purchases. After a period of time, customers will identify Sales Professionals as experts in the field, thus enabling them to receive more business and ultimately more success. Furthermore, shareable content will highlight an area of expertise, also adding to a salesperson's repertoire.

Creating and developing a predictable sales cadence with the utilization of LinkedIn will enable Sales Professionals to be more successful than random usage. The process must be similar to using pre-written email templates for better customer outreach. A good template will include expressed interest in working with a prospective customer and their company, while identifying a Sales Professional's company and their respective products. While the message templates may be similar, each message should be individualized to each customer's unique needs. Additionally, sending the messages in the same order consistently will help to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the message template, resulting in a predictable and successful InMail sales cadence.

Struggle no longer with utilizing LinkedIn as a selling tool, as the simple steps outlined in this article make it possible.