Is your Cold Calling Script Effective?

Cold calling scripts are commonly thought to be the most important aspect of cold calling. This is a false narrative. While cold calling scripts may be valuable tools to help Sales Professionals have a successful conversation with a prospective customer, Salespeople would be better served to avoid them. Instead of relying on scripts, the Cold Caller should focus on establishing real conversations with potential customers when cold calling.

A cold caller should utilize a script only to introduce themself, their company and the solutions that they are selling. This will enable a cold caller to facilitate natural conversations that do not sound robotic to a prospective customer on the other end of the phone. Poorly constructed cold calling scripts may have negative effects on a cold call instead of helping the Sales Professional to effectively communicate their message.

The following script is an example of what not to do when cold calling: 

Hi (Prospective Customer). My name is (Your Name) calling from (Your Company). Did I catch you at an ok time?

The reason for my call is (Your Goal). We can save your company an additional amount of money for (Your Solution), so I thought it was important enough to let you know, since every company has an obligation to lower costs and save money.

You might be wondering if we can do this for you. Depending on what you are currently doing you might have a need for our services. 

With your permission let's talk for a few minutes to determine if there is anything we can do to help you save money.

Would you be comfortable spending a few minutes with me on the phone now?

The reason why a cold calling script such as this does not work, is a direct result of the lack of interest in the other party’s professional interests. Instead, the Salesperson is attempting to sell to the prospective customer based on a situation that they have experienced with another company. Pitching in this way will not enable the Sales Professional to learn about the prospective company’s needs or current issues that require solutions. A cold calling script like this forces the Sales Professional to pitch based on a one-size-fits-all mentality. That should never be the case when attempting to gain someone’s business. The Sales Professional should be effectively conducting a conversation in which the other party has the opportunity to explain their current issues which require solutions. As a Cold Caller it is more effective to ask open-ended questions that allow the prospective customer to explain what their challenges are. This will also allow the Salesperson to assist with solving the challenges that they are facing.

Using a cold calling script like the one below, will enable the prospective customer to introduce their company, their potential issues and also allow the Salesperson to pitch their solutions.

Hi (Prospective Customer), I'm happy I got you on the phone. My name is (Your Name) calling from (Your Company). We are a (What Your Company Does). How's it going today?

That's great!

I have some ideas to help you with (Prospective Company’s Problem). They are (Your Company’s Solutions).

Out of curiosity, how are you currently doing (What You Are Trying To Learn)?

Using a cold calling script like this one will allow Salespeople to learn about their prospective companies, their needs, and how the solutions may solve their problems. A script like this is a natural introduction into a Sales Professional’s company, rather than a robotic, unpersonalized, blatantly obvious script. Chances are that a script like this will ultimately be a recipe for success in the sales universe.

When cold calling in the future please try using a personalized script that both introduces yourself as a Salesperson and will allow you to learn about your prospective customer, which will conclusively result in success.