Goals are an Important Facet of Daily Life

Goals are an important facet of daily life for any person, at any stage of their life. In a career setting, many companies will set goals for their employees, however an employee's personal goals should be aligned with that of both their team and company. The combination of group goal setting and individual goal setting will enable both the individual and the team to accomplish more year-round.

The number one reason people do not achieve their career goals is a simple lack of direction. This is a necessary component to the puzzle for the ultimate success of every person involved at a place of employment. Motivation for employees and team members is the other missing puzzle piece.

This leads to the next dilemma, though: How do you motivate someone to do something they may not be as passionate about? Is it easier to motivate someone when they have realistic and manageable goals pre-set for them?

In prior employment settings, I was saddled with goals that were not only overwhelming, but seemingly impossible to achieve. This left me feeling that the goals in mind were completely unachievable.

However, in life people say that retrospect is 20/20. Looking back now, I realize that those goals were certainly possible to accomplish. My tasks left me feeling like I was climbing Mt. Everest. Goals need to be set so that an employee is fully aware that the purpose is to improve one's skills or increase their productivity. Relatable goals are always achievable goals.